Day 23- Trash or treasure?

Thought: I love garage sales.   I used to like going to them years ago until my house started looking like an episode of Hoarders so I scaled back.   Now, I have my own.   It’s a time I can purge, feel lighter, cleaner and get paid for it.   The best part about a garage sale is that someone actually thinks my garbage is of use.   I’m  flattered that someone would be interested in my taste.  

I’m also amazed at what people will buy at a garage sale.   While I think the prized item would be the door crasher, people will opt out and look for something crazy ike used spoons, beat up colouring books, scissors or tacky clothing.  I’ve also met people who are so eager they show up an hour before the sale.   Too bad I couldn’t sell scalper tickets to my event.

I try to involve my kids in the process as well.   I think it’s important that they witness that their once beloved toy that they desperately “needed” is now worth 1/5 of what we’d originally paid for.   I’m hoping that they would appreciate the value of the dollar by doing this.   That is, until someone offers me 1/20 of what I’d originally paid for, at that point, I think I’d rather donate it and teaching them charity is good too.

Time: 11:30am

Weather: 16c, overcast

Motivation: warm weather; feeling low blood sugar and thinking of Raison Brand cereal for some reason!

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Day 22- Holey Underwear!

Thought: What is it about tethered clothing that we are so gravitated towards?   When I look at a drawer full of perfectly fine pairs of underwear, my husband and kids (and I admit, myself) will pick the ones that are hanging by the string with holes where the legs aren’t supposed to go.

Is it because it brings us back to nature?   …because we like to hold on to things?   …because it’s comforting?   Or is it just pure laziness?   This concept of wearing holey clothing does not apply only to underwear in our house.   It transfers to socks, jeans, T-shirts and  sweatshirts too (this last one is understandable  since this can be comfortable if you’ve held on to one over the years).

I made a New Years resolution this year to wear all the dresses in my closet and if not, it would be donated.   Not to my surprise, I found some with tags on them still.   I came across a suit I bought 5 years ago and thought that I’d gotten the deal of the century, a $500 suit for $100.   Five years later, it was still sitting there – tag and all.  I had no idea where to wear it to.  It was too fancy for work but too casual for a function.  

Sad that I would give up a perfectly new suit for some holey undergarment.  Some deal!

Weather: 18c, humid

Time: 2:30pm (inside run since might rain)

Motivation: warm weather and wanted to go.

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Day 21- I’m rich!

Thought: I feel rich when my fridge is full.   That is like having lots of money in the bank except that it’s lots of food in the fridge.   Whatever your craving, it’s there- in full.   Any flavour, amount, texture.   I love it when I have all the essentials but when your fridge is full, that means the auxiliaries are there too:  sauces, herbs, dressings, spices. Additives you don’t even have to think about ready to go.  You can’t beat that feeling.

I also try to eat all that’s in there before I do the next round of shopping because there’s no crime worse against nature than to throw away food.   So, I try to shop when I’ve slim down the fridge until I can see shelf space again, until I’m down to a quarter a bag of milk, no eggs or one last apple no one wants to eat. The rate determining step though is if I’m down to the two ends of the bread that’s my cue and I need to do groceries.

As I smile looking at my full fridge, my daughter asks if we are rich and I think – YES!   She tells me however, that we are rich in LOVE- that too!

Time: 9:30pm

Weather:11c, cloudy (inside run)

Motivation: getting close to midnight deadline!

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Day 20-mmmm..PB and J!

Thought: One of my daily nemesis is making lunches (and dinner too).   It used to be a given that for lunch you got a peanut butter and (maybe) jam sandwich for lunch at school.   With the ban in nuts at schools, making lunches has become a daily Sudoku to solve.

I remember looking forward each time to that swirl of smoothness and sometimes the peanut bits.   Add to it a little touch of sweet jam and a glass of milk and you’ve got the best meal/snack ever!

I don’t think my mother got the memo about spreading out the peanut butter though.  I would have to chew into 2 slices of plain bread to finally get to the epi-center and bang- there it was- squishy, nutty goodness blanketing the inside of my mouth.

I wonder what my kids will remember about their lunches years from now- pizza and drinking boxes???

 Time: 8:30am

Weather: 7c, overcast

Motivation: Went to bed early and so pumped up with energy!

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Day 19- Dig Deep!

Thought:   One of my favourite appointments is going to the dentist.  That’s right.   While, this makes most people cringe,   I love going to the dentist.   I wake up extra early the day of my appointment, eat my breakfast and get in an extra brush. 

I think of getting my teeth cleaned as an oil change for my mouth, a spa service for my gums and a deep scrub for my molars.   I get excited seeing all the utensils used to clean.   The sharper and longer the tool, the better I know the cleaning will be.   I sit there with my mouth propped open for half an hour, watch TV and voila, a clean set of choppers when I leave.  And I didn’t have to do a thing!

You look better, feel better and only paid a small fee. Where else can you go to get personal grooming and have it covered (by your benefits)?    Now if we can only convince our benefits provider that a manicure, pedicure and haircut all have medical advantages as well, we’d be set.

Time: 9:45am

Weather: 7c, overcast

Motivation: Went to a buffet last night and it was good!

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Day 18-What’s wrong with satisfactory?

Thought:   Just read an article about the North American culture and our goals of overachieving and documenting (ie. this blog) about everything we do.   This seems true as we have an app for everything from goal setting, to tracking what we eat, to how many steps we’ve taken etc.

I also remember reading the number one goal we want for our kids is happiness.   So, how do we attain this when everything we do in terms of success points to good, better, best?   Even in report cards, the rubric states: Satisfactory, Good, Excellent.  

Even in our diet, shouldn’t we eat until we’re satisfied?   Or do we push past this to full then stuffed?   And at the educational level, we start with a Bachelors, then Masters, then PhD, then Post Doc..   And in running- a 5km then 10km, half marathon, full, ultra and so on.  You get the pic.

When my kids grow up, my wish is for them to be: Alive, Happy and Satisfied (in that order!). 

Weather: 6c, sunny, cool

Time: 10:30am

Motivation: Getting some definition in my legs finally!   Sunday run.

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Day 17- Will that be a double, double?

Thought:   I didn’t realize that not everyone drank a double, double in their coffee until I left home for school.   Until then, my mother always served everyone who came over a double, double for their coffee.   That was just a given.   No one said anything and politely drank it.   I just assumed that was the way coffee was taken.

Well, did I have a spiritual awakening standing in line getting my coffee that first time.   Firstly, I never really drank coffee until university.   Secondly, hearing people order all sorts of combinations and permutations with their drink was like seeing all the possibilities that you can make with play dough.   People were ordering black, 2 sweeteners, cream only, 2 milks, a triple, triple.   It all made me wonder if it still tasted like coffee.

I used to run in a group with someone who mentioned that they used to always cut off both ends of their roast before putting it in the oven.   No reason.   She just followed how her mom did things.  This went on for years until she discovered that her mom only did it so it would fit into the oven.

Hey, at least I didn’t lose any meat with my assumption.


Time: 11:00am

Motivation: Saturday!

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