Day 24- Lost in Translation.

Thought: Why is it that when we learn another language later on in life that we tend to learn/remember the cuss words the most?  And even though there are only a handful of words in this category, they seem to be the most popular.   It doesn’t even matter the language.   This seems to be a universal theme among adult learners.   Is it because it evokes strong emotions?…expresses a point?…releases pent up anger?  

We even seem to be proud of it.   Like it’s the sacred territory that only the privileged are able to learn.   Another language on its own.

Perhaps we should take our cues from our kids.    They, on the other hand, acquire a new language using a very different method.   Theirs is more a text-book version.   They learn how to introduce themselves, ask how the other person is, where the washroom is.   All while using proper sentence form.  

But then again, they also don’t get cut off by another driver and have a need to express themselves in a language other than english.

Time: 10:00pm (almost didn’t make it!)

Weather: 9c, inside run- too late for outdoors

Motivation:   Another buffet.   Can you see a pattern here?


About 5for30

Female in my late 30's married with 2 kids with the goal of running 5km everyday for 30days.
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