Day 23- Trash or treasure?

Thought: I love garage sales.   I used to like going to them years ago until my house started looking like an episode of Hoarders so I scaled back.   Now, I have my own.   It’s a time I can purge, feel lighter, cleaner and get paid for it.   The best part about a garage sale is that someone actually thinks my garbage is of use.   I’m  flattered that someone would be interested in my taste.  

I’m also amazed at what people will buy at a garage sale.   While I think the prized item would be the door crasher, people will opt out and look for something crazy ike used spoons, beat up colouring books, scissors or tacky clothing.  I’ve also met people who are so eager they show up an hour before the sale.   Too bad I couldn’t sell scalper tickets to my event.

I try to involve my kids in the process as well.   I think it’s important that they witness that their once beloved toy that they desperately “needed” is now worth 1/5 of what we’d originally paid for.   I’m hoping that they would appreciate the value of the dollar by doing this.   That is, until someone offers me 1/20 of what I’d originally paid for, at that point, I think I’d rather donate it and teaching them charity is good too.

Time: 11:30am

Weather: 16c, overcast

Motivation: warm weather; feeling low blood sugar and thinking of Raison Brand cereal for some reason!


About 5for30

Female in my late 30's married with 2 kids with the goal of running 5km everyday for 30days.
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