Day 22- Holey Underwear!

Thought: What is it about tethered clothing that we are so gravitated towards?   When I look at a drawer full of perfectly fine pairs of underwear, my husband and kids (and I admit, myself) will pick the ones that are hanging by the string with holes where the legs aren’t supposed to go.

Is it because it brings us back to nature?   …because we like to hold on to things?   …because it’s comforting?   Or is it just pure laziness?   This concept of wearing holey clothing does not apply only to underwear in our house.   It transfers to socks, jeans, T-shirts and  sweatshirts too (this last one is understandable  since this can be comfortable if you’ve held on to one over the years).

I made a New Years resolution this year to wear all the dresses in my closet and if not, it would be donated.   Not to my surprise, I found some with tags on them still.   I came across a suit I bought 5 years ago and thought that I’d gotten the deal of the century, a $500 suit for $100.   Five years later, it was still sitting there – tag and all.  I had no idea where to wear it to.  It was too fancy for work but too casual for a function.  

Sad that I would give up a perfectly new suit for some holey undergarment.  Some deal!

Weather: 18c, humid

Time: 2:30pm (inside run since might rain)

Motivation: warm weather and wanted to go.


About 5for30

Female in my late 30's married with 2 kids with the goal of running 5km everyday for 30days.
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