Day 18-What’s wrong with satisfactory?

Thought:   Just read an article about the North American culture and our goals of overachieving and documenting (ie. this blog) about everything we do.   This seems true as we have an app for everything from goal setting, to tracking what we eat, to how many steps we’ve taken etc.

I also remember reading the number one goal we want for our kids is happiness.   So, how do we attain this when everything we do in terms of success points to good, better, best?   Even in report cards, the rubric states: Satisfactory, Good, Excellent.  

Even in our diet, shouldn’t we eat until we’re satisfied?   Or do we push past this to full then stuffed?   And at the educational level, we start with a Bachelors, then Masters, then PhD, then Post Doc..   And in running- a 5km then 10km, half marathon, full, ultra and so on.  You get the pic.

When my kids grow up, my wish is for them to be: Alive, Happy and Satisfied (in that order!). 

Weather: 6c, sunny, cool

Time: 10:30am

Motivation: Getting some definition in my legs finally!   Sunday run.


About 5for30

Female in my late 30's married with 2 kids with the goal of running 5km everyday for 30days.
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