Day 17- Will that be a double, double?

Thought:   I didn’t realize that not everyone drank a double, double in their coffee until I left home for school.   Until then, my mother always served everyone who came over a double, double for their coffee.   That was just a given.   No one said anything and politely drank it.   I just assumed that was the way coffee was taken.

Well, did I have a spiritual awakening standing in line getting my coffee that first time.   Firstly, I never really drank coffee until university.   Secondly, hearing people order all sorts of combinations and permutations with their drink was like seeing all the possibilities that you can make with play dough.   People were ordering black, 2 sweeteners, cream only, 2 milks, a triple, triple.   It all made me wonder if it still tasted like coffee.

I used to run in a group with someone who mentioned that they used to always cut off both ends of their roast before putting it in the oven.   No reason.   She just followed how her mom did things.  This went on for years until she discovered that her mom only did it so it would fit into the oven.

Hey, at least I didn’t lose any meat with my assumption.


Time: 11:00am

Motivation: Saturday!


About 5for30

Female in my late 30's married with 2 kids with the goal of running 5km everyday for 30days.
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2 Responses to Day 17- Will that be a double, double?

  1. Hen says:

    Hey 5for30, Here’s some more inspiration for you. I finished this documentary about native american runners last year. Hope it gets you out there. Check out the trailer.
    Henry from NYC visiting the Read’s

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