Day 12- Something to look forward to.

Thought:  On our weekend getaway, my husband and I went to one of these seminars on time shares.   Although they don’t call it a time share, it was the same thing more or less.   Secretly, and probably not so secret as all of us who sat there doe eyed for a couple of hours, just wanted the free tickets to shows and a free meal.   I’m sure the sales people knew that as well as every sales tactic and pitch that could have been used, was.

Although we didn’t buy into it – surprise, the one message I did take home was that when you do purchase one of these time shares, it gives you something to look forward to.   That’s something we should all do.   Have something to look forward to so that it brings us comfort, joy and hope to our sometimes routine days.   If stress brings us anxiety, having something to look forward to like a vacation, trip or get together must induce the anti-feelings of anxiety.   And that, is a good thing to think about.

Weather: 11c, cool

Time: 9:30pm

Motivation: Ate a lot of junk food!


About 5for30

Female in my late 30's married with 2 kids with the goal of running 5km everyday for 30days.
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