Day 10- No need for Sleep X

Thought: Some people are gifted with brains, some with talent and others with certain body parts.   I, on the other hand, have realized that I am gifted with the ability to fall asleep anywhere.   As a matter of fact, I could probably fall asleep with a baby in hand, frying an egg and standing up.  

While you may not think this is a gift, it is something that we spend 1/3 of our life doing, we need to do it and we benefit from it in so many ways: our body heals, it rests, it rejuvenates all while we sleep.   So, while a number of people need help in this area, I do it efficiently, can do it anywhere and anytime.   I have an ability to switch my button on and off anytime I wish.   I also think of it as a mini-trip everytime I go down- I can go on adventures without packing bags, at no cost and didn’t need a passport.   The only flip side is that I don’t get a tan when I get back.  Wonder where I’m going tonight!

Weather: sunny 31c

Time: 8:30am

Motivation: Running in the hot, hot, sun!


About 5for30

Female in my late 30's married with 2 kids with the goal of running 5km everyday for 30days.
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