Day 5- Procrastination has it’s benefits.


Thoughts: I was hoping the Advil (aka, vitamin A in our house) would kick the lingering headache from this morning first but I decided to go early since it’s supposed to rain and I have a later start at work.

This early start business is definitely not my style. I’m not one to get the worm. I’d say I’m more the “second mouse gets the cheese” type of person. During the run, I then thought about all the times I had benefited from procrastinating. I came up with the following:

1. Gas prices sometimes goes down if you proscratinate enough. I used to always fill up my gas when the meter hit half way as my mother always instilled the fear of filling up gas at that point. She’d mentioned something about not having enough to get home otherwise. I think I always knew better but never questioned it and so I’ve always lived with this habit and fear. Well, with prices being the way they are, I figure if I’d wait long enough and push my boundaries into the quarter fill mark. When it has come down, I feel like I somehow made money that day.

2. Free carwashes from the rain. It never fails, everytime I decide to wash my car- cash my points in to get that desparately needed wash, it rains. So now, I wait it out and sure enough, I delight in nature’s chores.

3. Things go on sale when you wait. I am a shopper. I like it better when I get it on sale. There have been times when I have gone shopping for nothing in particular and have walked into what I can simply term paradise- a sale, discounted items that I would have eitherwise purchased 1 item. This then allows me to get more for less! How awesome.

4. My best work comes out in the last hour. For reasons still unknown to me, I seem to do my best work when I leave it to the nth hour. I think this all started in highschool. When I used to submit work in early or on time, I would get a B+ at best. And then when I started staying up till 2, 3am, it was always an A+. This practice has sadly been reinforced in university and my current habits.

So, if I could pick the source of my proscratinating habits, I think it was grade 10 english classes. I wonder if I still have my old essays…

Here are the stats for today:
Time: 9:15am

Weather: cloudy mixed with sun, 17c and a bit breezy- beautiful – for now.   We’re supposed to be getting some rain later.

Motivation- running in a T-shirt and shorts!   There’s no feeling like it.   It’s like you get to be that kid again running in the summer days with no worries in the world.

Day 5 started well although I didn’t sleep so well last night. The lure of a late coffee and tea with dinner was a factor in hind sight. I seem to get my lows late in the day and although I want to push through, the smell of those beans perculating are just too tempting especially when you have the approval of people around you.

Thanks for the time and see you tomorrow!


About 5for30

Female in my late 30's married with 2 kids with the goal of running 5km everyday for 30days.
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