Day 4- Pick a Thought

Thought: When did I start this thought thing during my runs? I remember my very first run was in 4th grade. Amy, my friend said something about joining cross country and I agreed to it not realizing that it meant that I was going to be running. Don’t ask. I don’t really even remember practicing just the panting and how I couldn’t catch my breathe. Well, needless to say, I finished almost last. On our next race, we’d enlisted by brother and a few other students from our school and before the race, our group did a pow wow and just before the race, Amy gave instructions (I don’t know why I remember Amy so much and not the coach) to “run faster.” In my mind and body, I had translated that to mean pant more and faster. The group finished a lot better and I came in a mere 3 places better than my last race.

Fast forward to grade 7 and we’d moved and changed schools. I joined the 200km club which was a running club whereby students used the honour system to jot their distances ran with the goal of reaching 200km by the end of the school year. I joined secretly hoping to get the coveted T-shirt that came with it and it meant that I belonged to some club. In all this, I realized that this is where my pick a thought process all started. Back in the day, we didn’t have the luxury of ipods or mp3’s. I think we had walkmans at that time, but I don’t remember even having that luxury. So, to get through my runs and to distract me from my histerical breathing, I would pick something to think about- a dream the night before, who I’d play with afterschool, what we’d play, what I to watch on TV etc.

Somehow, this process has helped me over 25 years later. So, just for that I will unofficially honour the process by making it No. 1 on the Unofficial Running 5km Guideline to be:

#1. Pick a thought for the run. (Hee, hee!)

Day 4 started with waking up with a sore back and a headache and not 1 but 2 kids on both sides of me. I think I know the reason for the sore back.  

Anyways, nothing a couple of ibuprofens can’t handle.   It also made me realize that this lost in transition habit has to stop and how I’m glad I stopped at 2 kids as I’m not sure if my king bed would comfortably accomodate for more.   When we moved into the house, my husband had to convince me to get the king and I was admittedly relunctant thinking at the time, why?   Now, ofcourse, it’s clear, it doubles as a family bed.  

Before going out on the run today, I said to my husband, what should I think about today on my run?   To which he responded with a confused and half laugh, you can’t pick a thought.   And to which I thought, whynot?   I don’t remember any running rules or even guidelines that says, no picking thoughts before a run.   So, I’m going to lead the stats today with that thought!  

By the way, I need to call him husband, as I confessed yesterday that I had started a blog (not sure why I didn’t tell him before) and his comment was “Why did you call me hubby?”   I was expecting, “Wow, honey, I’m proud of you, this is great, ” etc. but hey he was at least interested and even better, went for a run himself.   So at least, I accomplished 1 goal- I inspired 1 other person to commit to something in their day.

Here are the stats today:

Weather: 13c, overcast

Motivation: Sunday and lazy day.   Also ate some left over ice cream cake yesterday.

Time: 11:10am.

That’s my thoughts for today.   Adios for now and see you tomorrow!


About 5for30

Female in my late 30's married with 2 kids with the goal of running 5km everyday for 30days.
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1 Response to Day 4- Pick a Thought

  1. Left-over ice cream cake rocks…except what it does for your waistline! Keep up the good work 😉

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