Day 30- I DID IT!!!!

Thought: Well today’s the day- I did it!   My mission has been accomplished.   150km, 30 days and 30 posts later, I can say, YEAH!!!  Although there were no lines to cross, no medals to be given or no time recorded, it was an ordinary day that I achieved my goal.

As I look back at all the runs and the excuses I tried to make before going, there were really no good ones that were worthy.   There were many times I could have easily not gone simply for the reason of laziness or convincing myself I was too busy, too tired, too unmotivated.   Again, all unworthy.   The fact is I would have wasted 30 minutes doing something totally useless. Instead, I used that time to go for the run and felt more focused, alert, and well, happier afterwards.   Time and again, this would happen.

When we start a new project, there are some things we can predict- the frustration, the success, the time it would take.  What I liked about the runs were the feeling afterwards, the commitment to meet a goal, the physical changes, the ability to eat junk food guilt free.   I also came to realize that I liked to share my thoughts afterwards.   As much as this process has made me accountable by committing to it and then writing it down, it also gave me a platform to convey my thoughts in words.   This release gave me an outlet of expression that I had looked forward to it as much as the run itself.

So as I ran home today, there was no Chariots of Fire playing in the background, simply Low by Flo Rida.   How appropriate for a finish.   Because it is today, an ordinary day, that relationships are being restored, deals are being closed and projects are being completed.   Because it is today, that I achieved my goal to run 5km a day for 30 days!

Thank you to all of you who have supported me along the way.   I hope you have enjoyed this as much as I have.   I will continue to run and blog just not in the same capacity.   Because while a goal is good to attain, sitting back and enjoying watching someone else you have inspired do the same is also really rewarding.

Weather: 18c, Beautiful and sunny!

Time: 10:20am

Motivation: Final day!

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Day 29- Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it.

Thought: In lieu of yesterday’s blog, which I ran but couldn’t post one.   Here it is:

I have been accused of eating odd things.   No, I’m not referring to chicken feet, cow tongue, or pig intestine (which all sound so not appetizing), I will leave those to the Dim Sim diehards.  

I am referring to my cravings for the likes of frozen corn kernels, adding rippled onion chips to crunchy peanut butter sandwiches or eating uncooked instant noodles as is.   Mmmm, delish!   I don’t eat these too often but I could.   As a matter of fact, if I group these altogether, it really is a complete meal. The frozen corn as appetizer, sandwich as a main and uncooked noodles as desert.   It has most of the food groups there and in the event of a power outage, with the exception of the corn, I would be ready to go.

There really isn’t a template on how food should be eaten.  I’ve been to overpriced restaurants and have had to stop by a fast food joint after just to fill up.   The portions are tiny and the food looks more like an art exhibit.   It’s ashamed to break some of these fine sculptures.  

So while some people may eat for the smell, taste or look of the food, I eat it for all of the above plus the fact that I can call it my interpretation of that piece.

Weather: 15c

Time: 8:00pm

Motivation: Almost there!

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Day 28- And the Winner is…

Thought: I won my first trophy when I was in 2nd grade for getting the third highest single in a bowling league.   I didn’t even realize that there was such a thing or that I was in one.  

Years later after I left home one of the items that was returned to me was my third highest single from 2nd grade trophy.   My mother had saved it thinking that it would add sentimental value to my life.   I didn’t quite frankly know what to do with it.   I couldn’t sell it, use it or display it because, well, it was a trophy for the third highest single bowled from 2nd grade.   I also couldn’t throw it away as it wasn’t even recyclable.

After that trophy, I did end up “winning” a number of other awards throughout the years.   These other ones marked my better achievements -school, sports, work.   They all, however, ended up in the same fate: in a cardboard box in my basement.   Why is it that we go through the trouble of rewarding ourselves with non-recyclable materials?   Don’t we know that we are wonderful and capable of achieving greatness?   Do we need to be reminded of this through man-made titles?

While we were sifting through the piles of items to sell at the garage sale last week, my kids came across the box with these items and said, “Wow, mom you got the Third Highest Single in Bowling?   That’s pretty cool!”  

To which I responded with pride, “Yep, in second grade.”

Time: 2:30pm

Weather: Showers, 13c

Motivation: Missed running outside so had to get it done inside before the motivation stopped.

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Day 27- 100 calories per pack? No, Thanks.

Thought:  Today was one of those days when I felt like a chocolate dipped soft cone especially with peanut bits on top.   I still want it.   There’s nothing like satisfying a craving.  

When I get into these moods (and I do too many times),   eating a low-fat version or anything reduced (salt, calories, sugar) just doesn’t cut it.   I want all that badness, the grease, the fat, the salt, the whole enchilada.   Just give it to me and let me on my way.   Otherwise, I’ll spend the day thinking about it or eat 4 packs of the 100 calorie versions with 1/2 the taste.

We just got McD’s coupons in the mail, something about a healthy version of their food.  Truth be told, I was really craving the fries when I saw the cover page, and to my disappointment a smoothie was all it offered.   

Like I said, sometimes, I just need the salt or fat to satisfy and yogurt just isn’t going to cut it even if it’s from McD’s.

Time: 10:15pm

Weather: 14c, partly cloudy

Motivation:   Really tired actually and on 4 hours of sleep but needed a boost of endorphins and as usual, glad I went after the fact.

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Day 26- A numbers game.

Thought: As I’m nearing the end of my journey, I have come to realize the games I play with myself.   When I really didn’t want to go on these runs, I would make up games to convince myself it’s not so bad or even lie to myself.  Yes, you heard it.   The person telling and hearing the lie is the same person.   I believe we have medication for this.

Sometimes that’s what it would take- a little convincing, that it would just take 20 minutes and if I didn’t feel like it, I wouldn’t have to do the entire 5km.   When out there though, I know it’s a point of no return.   Yet, I somehow, manage to believe these stories like I’m hearing it from another person, a trainer, a coach- like I said, I think there’s medication for this.   Oddly my brain cells don’t synapse enough to make the connection and I go along with it.

Somehow, the countdown after the hump (the midway point) is always faster than the count up to the midpoint.   I remember this to be true as well when we used to go on long rides as kids.   Somehow, the trip on the way up was always longer than coming home.   Maybe, this is how it all started.

Well, 4 more days and I will be done my challenge- even if I have to convince myself that it’s only 2 more.

Weather: 15c, overcast

Time: 1:30pm

Motivation: Almost there!

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Day 25- A rose is a rose by any other name.

Thought:   Although I ran yesterday, I didn’t get a chance to write the blog.  So, here goes.

Just found out that the winner of the Kentucky Derby was a horse named, I’ll have another.   No where else can we give another being a name that’s a phrase.   We don’t go around calling our pets “I’m still running” or “Can’t get out of the car.”  

It’s too bad we can’t give our kids phrase names too.   Something like, “I crave a donut” or “How much is that ride?”   even “I’ll have another” would work.   I think they may resent it though when they get to school the first time, not so much that their names are so unique but imagine having to write that then the last name.   It might take a while.

The other problem is when you get mad at them and need to call their names. Which of the words would you focus on?   I already have problems keeping the names of my 2 kids straight.  I end up rotating back and forth until I get the right one.

Still, a phrase name is better than a fruit (Apple), a colour (Blue Ivy) or a flavour (Coco).

Time: 11:30am

Weather: 18c, sunny and BEAUTIFUL

Motivation: Running in the sun in shorts.

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Day 24- Lost in Translation.

Thought: Why is it that when we learn another language later on in life that we tend to learn/remember the cuss words the most?  And even though there are only a handful of words in this category, they seem to be the most popular.   It doesn’t even matter the language.   This seems to be a universal theme among adult learners.   Is it because it evokes strong emotions?…expresses a point?…releases pent up anger?  

We even seem to be proud of it.   Like it’s the sacred territory that only the privileged are able to learn.   Another language on its own.

Perhaps we should take our cues from our kids.    They, on the other hand, acquire a new language using a very different method.   Theirs is more a text-book version.   They learn how to introduce themselves, ask how the other person is, where the washroom is.   All while using proper sentence form.  

But then again, they also don’t get cut off by another driver and have a need to express themselves in a language other than english.

Time: 10:00pm (almost didn’t make it!)

Weather: 9c, inside run- too late for outdoors

Motivation:   Another buffet.   Can you see a pattern here?

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